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About Dorothy Churchill-Johnson

Graduate of the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Dorothy has been a working artist in Santa Barbara since 1976. She is known for mural-size contemporary realist oil paintings in which she seeks to synthesize representation with other contemporary influences such as pattern & decoration; neo-pop; surrealism and abstraction. More about Dorothy and her original artworks.

Dorothy Churchill-Johnson ~ Surreal Botanicals & Zen Landscape

Fine Art Archival Prints on Canvas

These Fine Art Limited Edition archival pigment prints on canvas are signed and numbered by the artist. Dorothy's large-scale oils on canvas present the everyday evidence of life in the nooks and crannies of our immediate environment as examples of the timeless universal process of entropy and change. The images point to the ephemeral nature of all human events, from the weeds growing through the cracks in the pavement to the torn remnants on signposts of notices that were once timely. She calls it instant archaeology in that one can extrapolate from the remnants, the presence and passage of life above. Close observation is presented as a tool for understanding the world. Although the paintings are meticulously rendered they have much in common with abstraction in that everything is up to the picture plane with no vanishing point. Surface, pattern and design are primary. About the Prints

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Sarah Carr Painting

Gifts of the Tide

Sarah Carr Painting

Approaching Autumn

Sarah Carr Painting


Sarah Carr Painting

Roadside in March

Sarah Carr Painting

Infinite Design

Sarah Carr Painting

Time & Transition

Tantalus II

Don Juan

Matilija Poppies

Orchid and Bamboo

Fibonacci Sequence

Lotus Angeles

Bee on Blue

Planet of the Grapes



Geraniums - Diptych, 2 separate prints


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