Corridan gallery of Santa Barbara

Contemporary Fine Art of Santa Barbara

Corridan Gallery Exhibit October - December, 2014


We are pleased to welcome the stunning art of Warner and Judy Nienow to the Corridan Gallery.

Urban Landscapes to Old World Still Lifes.

Warner Nienow
26"x14" Oil on Canvas

Judy Nienow urban landscape painting

"Brownian Motion- Grand Central Station"
Judy Nienow
30"x40" Oil on Canvas

Warner nienow painting

"Mandolin with Bread"
Warner Nienow
24"x16" Oil on Linen

Warner nienow urban landscape painting

"Late Night in the Old Town"
Warner Nienow
32"x40" oil on linen

warner nienow painting

"Pismo Splash"
Warner Nienow
36"x48" Oil on Canvas

Judy nienow urban landscape

"Into the City"
Judy Nienow
28"x40" Oil on Canvas

Also currently showing the brillant work ofAnn Shelton-Beth, whos intense coloration and unique compositions make her oil on canvas, Santa Barbara Landscapes border on the abstract.
Marlene Struss's paintings are the result of pure joyful experimentation in the properties of acrylic paint on supine board. Each of the multilayers is laboriously rubbed before the next is applied, resulting in a crisp polished surface.
Patrick Shourd's photography series.

Patrick Shourds

Judy nienow urban landscape

Ann Beth

Marlene Struss

Marlene Struss

Pat Shourds Photography

Pat Shourds

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