Corridan gallery of Santa Barbara

Contemporary Fine Art of Santa Barbara

Corridan Gallery Exhibit Spring, 2015


Welcoming Cheryl Ambretch's Still life and Floral Oil Paintings,

Carrie Given's Lanscapes and Living Still life Pastel Paintings,

Marlene Struss's Abstract and Ditgital Art,

Ivanie Finsvik and Her American Wildlife Pastel Paintings

And Photography by David Orias

Cheryl Ambretch Still life Oil Painting

"Orange Roses"
Cherlyl Ambretch
24"x36" Oil on Canvas

Carrie Givins pastel landscape painting

"Baja Beach Trail"
Carrie Givens

Ivanie Finsvik Pasrel wildlife painting

"Ripple Effect"
Ivanie Finsvik
Pastel Painting

Digital Art by Marlene Struss

"Secret Places"
Marlene Struss - Digital Art

David Orias Photography

Photography by David Orias

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