Corridan gallery of Santa Barbara

Contemporary Fine Art of Santa Barbara

Mystical Magical Koi by Elliot Ciampi

October through December, 2016

“The Koi Paintings”, by Elliott Ciampi depict the peaceful tranquility of Koi in their habitat. By observing their color and energy and following the graceful flow of their movements, he has created dynamic and compelling compositions. His elegant paintings will be at the Corridan Gallery, Santa Barbara in October 2016.

Koi 15

Koi 17

Koi painting by Elliott Ciampi

Koi 21

Koi 19

Koi 24

Koi painting by Elliott Ciampi

Koi 27

Koi 18

Koi 23

Koi painting by Elliott Ciampi

Koi 28

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