Corridan gallery of Santa Barbara

Contemporary Fine Art of Santa Barbara

Corridan Gallery Exhibit October 22 through December 7, 2013

Fur, Feathers and Fins
Santa Barbara Artists Painting the Animal Kingdom

Featuring Claudia Chapman, Elliott Ciampi and Gail McBride Kenny

watercolor painting by Gail McBride Kenny

Gail McBride Kenny

painting by Claudia Chapman

Claudia Chapman

Corridan Gallery is pleased to Present "Fur, Feathers & Fins" - Santa Barbara Artists Painting the Animal Kingdom. This exhibit features award winning paintings by Claudia Chapman, Elliott Ciampi and Gail McBride Kenny. The subject of the paintings centers on the creatures of land, sea and air in their habitat.

Claudia Chapman

Claudia Chapman is passionate about the conservation of wildlife and habitat, always striving since she was very young to better depict the wonders of nature. Her goal as an artist is to portray the complex beauty of nature, capture the essence of wildlife, and inspire the viewer. She paints a wide range of natural relationships and portraits, interweaving light and atmosphere into habitat. Her continuing extensive travels afford opportunities to observe and gather fresh resource materials that she translates into beautiful and powerful paintings.

Wildlife painting by Claudia Chapman

Escaped 40" x 30"

painting by Claudia Chapman Santa Barbara

Stake Claimed

Painting by Claudia Chapman

Jellies 30" x 15"

Gail McBride Kenny

Gail McBride Kenny paints with a passion for beauty and grace. She chooses her subjects because of their uniqueness and transitory life. Her delicate watercolors capture and save the fleeting moments of wonder experienced when she observes the natural world, moments that may otherwise pass without our noticing

water color painting by Gail McBride Kenny

Duet II

Threes Company


Elliott Ciampi

Elliott Ciampi's paintings have developed from a lifetime of contemplative observation and love of Nature. This exhibit includes many of his Koi Paintings that focus on the peace and tranquility of Koi ponds. He has captured the essence of these lovely creatures. Byfollowing the graceful flow of their swirling movement, he has created dynamic and compelling compositions, resulting in works of art that are both original and elegant.

Koi painting by Elliott Ciampi

Koi #26, Triptych

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