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Corridan Gallery Exhibit April 7 through May 30, 2009

OnOur Way Back Home

Tea fire Relief Fund Poster

Corridan Gallery is pleased to sponsor a Benefit Fundraiser for the Mountain Drive Community Association Tea Fire Relief Fund - “On Our Way Back Home”, an exhibit of original Paintings and Limited Editions by leading Santa Barbara Artists.

The Corridan Gallery exhibit will run through May 30, 2009 open Tues - Sat 11 to 5

"An Afternoon with the Artists" Saturday May 16 from 3pm to 6pm

The exhibit features the artwork of Susan Belloni, Sarah Carr, Karen Fedderson, Linda Mutti, Rob Robinson, Ann Sanders, Jane Sun and Gerry Winant

The title theme of the exhibit has two meanings. First, for the artists the paintings reflect the beauty of the Landscapes and Coastal Views of the Santa Barbara area that we pass by on our way home every day.
A second, more important meaning evolved during conversations between the gallery director and the artists. That is, that this exhibit could help the people in our community who have been displaced by the ravages of last fall’s Tea Fire to be “On Their Way Back Home”.

The rebuilding effort has been slow and donations are still needed in certain areas that have been overlooked by the United Way, FEMA and the insurance companies. 30% of proceeds from the sale of artwork in this 7 ½ week long exhibit will go directly to support survivors of the Tea Fire in their effort to rebuild their community. MDCA is an all-volunteer organization. All of the administrative expenses that they have are covered by separate funds.

Patrons purchasing the artwork from the Corridan Gallery exhibit will make a direct, tax-deductible donation to the Tea Fire Relief Fund and receive an equal discount on the artwork, up to 30% of the value of the artwork.

About the MDCA Tea Fire Relief Fund

The Mountain Drive Community Association (MDCA) is an organization dedicated to preserving the history of Mountain Drive, assisting survivors of the Tea Fire, and rebuilding the community. Organized in the early 1960’s the MDCA has provided disaster assistance in the Coyote Fire, the Sycamore Fire and now the Tea Fire. The MDCA sponsors its own volunteer fire company, which was instrumental in saving many houses during the Tea Fire.  The MDCA also participates in land use planning and decisions that affect the Mountain Drive Community.  As they move forward with the Tea Fire Assistance efforts they desperately need to raise funds to help provide survivors with the support they need to rebuild their lives. All of the relief efforts focus first on those with the greatest needs. Many uninsured and under-insured tenants and homeowners who have experienced great loss are now finding it difficult to reestablish satisfactory living conditions. Any help is appreciated and all cash donations to the MDCA are tax deductible. 

As an all-volunteer organization, the MDCA is coordinating efforts for rebuilding the community. The architectural committee, headed by Architect Jeff Shelton, is working with engineers and architects to get group rates for materials and services and to overcome obstacles encountered in the rebuilding process. Other essential activities have included updating the local infrastructure to current code requirements in preparation for rebuilding, pothole patching, concrete slab demolition and recycling, and providing safe access to the rebuilding sites.
More information about the MDCA Tea Fire Relief Fund is available at and at

125 North Milpas Street, Santa Barbara CA 93103
Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 11 to 6, or call for other hours or (805) 966-7939