Corridan gallery of Santa Barbara

Contemporary Fine Art of Santa Barbara

"Venture into the Abstract"

Featuring  Recent Oil Paintings by Ann Beth
March and April, 2013

abstract painting by Ann Beth

"Abstract VII"

Sunrise at the Santa Barbara Harbor

"Harbor Sunrise"

Painting by Ann beth

"Cloud Shadows"

"Painting is play/work. Usually, I approach a canvas with a concept--with varying degrees of clarity, and then it becomes moving paint around to see what happens. Hopefully, the forms emerge in a dynamic, interesting way. For me, there's a sense of capturing an unseen quality in the landscape—how I sense a place, or with abstract paintings, how I build forms around a felt sense. The truth in a landscape is in the moment—in the dynamic of changing light, shadows, reflections, weather. It's a wonderful process, creating a painting—watching it emerge. When I approach a canvas, I often have a sense of something I want to work into a painting—but what it is finally, that is always a surprise."   Quote by Ann Beth

abstract painting by Ann Beth

"Land Forms I"

painting by ann Beth

"East Beach Water Walk"