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CORRIDAN GALLERY is proud to Welcome
Ken Christensen

Ken Christensen is a classic, on-site landscape painter with influences filtered down from the French Impressionists and Fauves. He paints with the vision, color, and verve of such painters as Van Gogh, Vlaminck, Marquet and Derain and with the American perspective of Hopper and Benton.
He is the founder of a bold group of painters, The New Fauves, committed to propagating the style of the great French Fauve painters. Ken is also an author. He has published a collection of letters from his years in Europe in a limited edition. He is also the author of three novels, "The Blue Cabin," written in France in 1981, "Up North With Uncle Bob" written in 1986, and "Joey Appleshoe," published in 2010. His books contain numerous illustrations exectued in pen and ink. All three novels are available at